Round one delayed by 2 weeks

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Unfortunately we have to delay the start of the Season 3 by 2 weeks, due to unforeseen circumstances. It turns out that some people have FPS and freeze issues with the mod, which have to be tracked down and fixed. We have an idea what’s causing them, but just to avoid any bad surprises, we’ve decided to delay to postpone the first race for 23rd of March.

There are some positives to draw from this delay though, as it will give more time for the teams who haven’t finished their livery, and also allow us to improve the physics of the tires further. The latter is necessary due to (as is almost always the case) the not-so-good behaviour of the car at low speed and under acceleration. Currently, the fronts bite a bit too much and the rears do not provide enough traction.

The upcoming update will attempt to deal with the FPS issue, add some of the team cars that are ready and improve the tire physics.

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