1. Installing and configuring the mod for season 5

Information and download link for the season 5 mod can be found HERE.

When entering the game for the first time after installing the mod, it is possible that you don’t see the cars or that you receive an error. This shouldn’t worry you –  just exit the game and start it again, and all should be fine.

It is mandatory to set the connection type to LAN from the Connect->Settings menu (see screenshot). This is done for better connectivity between your client and the server.

2. Installing the a plugin for in-car telemetry and other information

Any driver, who would like to, may install a HUD plugin to get more information of his car’s telemetry in real time while driving on the track. There are two plugins included with the mod – rfDynHud and GID.

You can find more information about the installation and configuration of rfDynHud in the following video: