Here you will find instructions on how to join the league, by registering an account in the Simracing League System (SLS), which we use for managing the drivers, teams, results and statistics.


First, visit the SLS section of the league by clicking Management System from the menu above, then click the “Register new driver” link in the top left part of the page:


Once you agree with the terms na conditions, enter the information in the required fields, and any additional information you want to provide in the optional fields. Make sure to choose the correct language, because it dictates in what language you will receive emails from the system. Although not required, you may enter your driver”s name in the “Default nick on track”, exactly as it is written in the game. As for the “Default car number”, those will be entered manually by the administration, according to the numbers chosen by every driver before the season, so leave that field empty.

account info

Once you submit your registration, you will have to confirm by clicking the activation link in your email. If you didn”t receive any email within 5-10 minutes, look for it in your Spam/Junk/Thrash folder.


Once you activate your account and log into the system, go to DRIVERS->EDIT DATA from the top menu, then select SEASONS in the sub-menu of the page that opens up:

join season

Click the EDIT button for the season you want to join, then when the page reloads, enter your in-game driver”s name in the “Nick in Sim” field and click the SAVE button:

join season nick


To create your own team, go to TEAMS->MANAGE, and click the ADD button, then fill in the required information and select the season you want your team to participate in:

create team

create team info

To invite a driver to join your team, go to TEAMS->MANAGE, and at the bottom of the page where it says TEAM INVITATIONS, click the SEND button for each driver you would like to have on your team (you have to do that for yourself if you”re going to drive for your own team):

invite driver

Once you invite a driver, you will have to wait for them to accept the invitation. If you invite yourself, the invitation is accepted automatically and you”re now a driver for your own team.


If you want to join another team, go to TEAMS->INVITATIONS, and click the SEND button for the team you want to join, then wait for their confirmation. If you are in a team already, you have to leave your current team first, before you can join another one. To do that, go to the same menu, click the LEAVE button for your current team, then apply to join another team.