Here you can find some information about the mod used in Season 5, which intends to simulate the F1 cars from year 2016:

Original mod: F1 AL 2016 by El Rey Guiri

Physics complete overhaul, with some of the most important features as follows:

  • Pirelli Tyres with individual parameters for each compound and a dynamic range of temperatures. Optimum temperatures for each compound: 100 C for Ultra Soft, 110 C for Super Soft, 130 C for Soft, 120 C for Medium and 140 C for Hard.
  • Tyre pressures set higher than optimum, as per Pirelli’s limitations during the 2016 F1 season. It is suggested to always try and run at the minimum setting (159 kPA for front tyres and 141 kPa for the rear), to avoid any unnecessary overheating and loss of grip.
  • Emulated turbo engine (as much as the rFactor model allows) with an early torque curve and 900+ HP at 11 000 RPM.
  • Proper fuel management by using a reversed Boost system (1 for maximum power and consumption, 10 for lowest). This is done to prevent the use of the in-game Temporary Boost button.
  • Aerodynamics with a more ride-height sensitive diffuser and pronounced loss of downforce when travelling behind other cars. Maximum diffuser downforce is achieved at approximately 0 cm front ride height and 4.3cm rear ride height.
  • More realistic wing settings, with 10 rear wing settings and 60 front wing settings. To maintain balance while changing your wing settings, 1 click of the rear wing is roughly equal to 6 clicks of the front wing.
  • Optimum temperature operating window for the brakes: between 250 C and 950 C.
  • Standardized wheelbase for all cars, based on data gathered for the 2016 F1 season.

The tyre wear and fuel consumption have been increased to accommodate the 75% race distance of Season 5. It is strongly suggested to use rfDynHud or a similar plugin, in order to keep an eye on temperatures and wear. The default setup is a good starting point for any track, as it has slight understeer dialed in and is relatively easy to drive.