Here you will find the rules that govern participation in the league. The rules are separated into 4 main sections, with some additional clarifications down below.

Basic responsibilities of all participants in the league

  • Each manager or driver, who would like to join the league, has to read the rulebook of the league for the season he/she wants to participate in, and make sure he/she understands it correctly. If you have a problem understanding any of the rules, please post your questions on the forums or contact us directly, so we can help you out.
  • Each team owner/manager/driver is obliged to respect all other participants in the league and to be well-mannered while communicating with others, be it on the server, in chat, on Facebook, or on the forums. Inability to respect this rule will carry severe consequences for those involved.

Rulebook validation

The rulebooks of BRL come into effect from the first official race of a season. Each manager has the right to suggest changes to the rulebook and if those changes are accepted by the admins, they will become effective in the next race that takes place. The league administration reserves the right to overrule any suggestions for rulebook corrections, as well as to make changes to the rulebook as it sees fit at any time. Each such correction will be announced publicly, along with the reasons behind it.

Problems (bugs) that give an advantage

Anyone who has found a bug in the mod or the game itself (especially if that bug gives any advantage to a driver or a team), is IMMEDIATELY OBLIGED to notify the league administration. Penalties will be handed out to individual drivers or whole teams, who are aware of such problem/bug, regardless of whether they took advantage of it or not!

Fairplay and respectful attitude is mandatory!

Any purposeful disregard of the rules will be punished accordingly!

The league management and Race Control keep the right to investigate and take decisions for any situations on and off the track, which are not described in the rulebook!