Mod Update v1.6 is Out!

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The update contains the track for round 3, a better fix for the missing tires on replay, new helmets for some drivers and a change in the time it takes to repair aero damage in the pits.

Here’s a complete and detailed list of all changes:

  • RFE version of the Gilles Villeneuve track for round 3 of the season.
  • New alternative engine sound.
  • A batch file which you can use to switch between tire visuals for driving and for replay. Simply run set_tire_graphics.bat from the main rFactor folder and follow the instructions. This was necessary because we couldn’t permanently fix the bug with the missing tires on replays. When you want to drive normally, just set the tires for driving again.
  • Update of the helmets for Ivan Leonov and Stoyan Barbukov.
  • Reduced aero/wing repair time during a pitstop.

IMPORTANT: If you have the normal version of the Montreal circuit installed, please delete it, so it doesn’t conflict with this RFE version.

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