Hristo Itchov has won at San Marino

Профилна снимка на Христо Ичов

Hristo Itchov from the Sparta team has won the first round of season 3 in the Bulgarian Racing League. Second finished Ivo Mladenov from BMW Shark F1 Team. Third on the podium was Dimitar Pashov driving for EventaF1 Team.

The qualification was won by Peter Nikolov, who stoped the chronometer at 1:20:366m. Second was going to start the race Turbo Racing’s Dimitar Dulichki who was slower than Nikolov by 0.00:172m. Thirth and fourth on the grid qualified the BMW team-mates Ivo Mladenov and Momchil Totev. The 2013 champion Hristo Itchov was going to start from the disapointing sevent position.

That was not the only problem for Hristo as he hit his team-mate Leonov at the start of the race damaging his front wing. A pit-stop was needed and Hristo has moved to the back of the classification.

Peter Nikolov, who has started from the pole will want to forget the start as he spined and a colision with the bariers left him without his front wing. Later in the race Peter had retired from the race with damages in the suspension of his car.

The start of the race was a nightmare for Dimitar Dulichki as well. The Turbo Racing driver was the leader after Nikolov’s spin, but Ivo Mladenov’s late braking in the first corner caused a collision, that puted Dimitar out of the track.

Many of the drivers was making a lot of mistakes and the classicification was changing every lap. Ivan Marinov was one of the drivers not making errors and he was the leader of the race for 33 laps, before retiring at the 45th lap with engine failure.

As the race continues more of the drivers had retired, and that was great for Hristo Itchov, who was driving clearly and has making progres in the classification. At the end of the race Hristo took the lead of the race overtaking Ivo Mladenov. Until the end Hristo had drived without pressure and won the race, witch gaves him the championship lead.


The unofficial ressults of the racing weekend can be founded here.

Official Server Replay – Here.

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