Hristo Itchov is the new champion

Профилна снимка на Христо Ичов

It’s official. Hristo Itchov is the new champion in the Bulgarian Racing League, as he managed to win the 2013 season with a record-breaking 304 points.
This is Hristo’s first driver’s championship in the league.
Hristo’s pace was excellent during the season. He has managed to win eight times in sixteen races, and had a total of thirteen podiums.
He has started the season with a two outstanding wins at Australia and Malaysia, and a comfortable second place at Bahrain.
A new win at Barcelona for the Spanish Grand Prix make him the favourite to win the championship, as his closest opponents were just Ivo Mladenov and Dimitar Pashov.
At Monaco we saw that Hristo can make mistakes. Even in one of his worst races he was able to finish at third position, showing great determination.
In Canada Hristo has return to winning ways, as he has won the race with more than forty five seconds ahead of Ivo Mladenov, who has managed to finish second.
British Grand Prix wasn’t Itchov’s greatest ever race, but like in Monaco he was able to finish third, not allowing his rivals to reduce his championship leadership a lot.
The next three races showed that no body can stop Hristo, as he was managed to win twice at Germany and Belgium, and finish second in Hungary, where he had a lot of problems with hi’s car reliability. After this race many of the driver’s was quoted to say that Itchov had allready won the championship.
The next two races at Italy and South Korea made the championship battle interesting again. Hristo was able to achieve only twenty points, as Dimitar Pashov has found his pace and was able to win at Italy and finish second at South Korea, and most importantly – finishing ahead of Hristo Itchov and reducing his championship lead.
The next three races showed Hristo’s great determination and expirience. In times when his lead has started to reduce he was excelent managing to win two times – at India and USA and finish second at Japan. That was enough to make him the new champion with a lot of record-breaking achievments.
Congratulations for your title Hristo! We hope to see you at the start of the next season!

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