F1 2014 S3 Mod BETA – Version 3


Due to some issues with the suspension geometry and tire parameters, I had to postpone work on the temperature and wear models. With version 3 most of those issues are finally solved and the end result is a much more driveable car, a car that feels more alive and doesn’t simply go on rails or snap into a spin without a warning.

I also added some early version of wet weather compounds, so you can try a damp or wet track and see for yourself. Just remember to keep using the Beta tire set, it now contains Intermediate and Wet tires. Of course, make sure to use the Boost settings properly to keep it under control.

Another big addition with Version 3 are the 9 alternative engine sounds I worked on. I used any Turbo engines I could find from other mods and while personally I don’t like most of them (I prefer the default CART 98 sound), perhaps some of you may like them and use them for your teams. Sounds can always be updated, so once the actual F1 season gets underway, I hope we will have the chance to make proper engine sounds. Once teams are registered (when we add the league management system), each team will have to select their preferred engine sound, so that can be set in the official mod before the season starts.

A list of all changes in Version 3

Now that this is dealt with, I hope I can finally get on with working on temperature and wear, not only for the tires, but also the engine and brakes.

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