1. Registration for participation

Registration for the league is done via the provided SLS system, for which we have provided detailed instructions on the How to Join page.

  1.1. Driver registration

  • Any driver who wants to take part in the official league races has to either find him/herself a team, or drive with the provided guest car.
  • Drivers who are not registered or are registered incorrectly won’t be allowed to take part in official races.
  • A driver can switch teams during the season by using the appropriate function in the management system of the league.
  • Test drivers have the right to drive for other teams if the managers of their team and the team they want to race for come to a mutual agreement. The period for which a test driver is being rented out by another team is also agreed solely between the two teams.
  • All drivers are obliged to use their real names, written in English, on the server of the league. The names have to match EXACTLY their driver names in their SLS registration for the season they participate in. Failure to do so will prevent the correct import of the results for that driver.

 1.2. Team Registration

  • Currently there is no limit to the number of teams that can participate in the league. Teams are eligible for participation by registering in the league’s management system (SLS). For a team to be valid, it has to have at least 2 drivers. Only 2 of the team drivers can represent their team in an official race. Any of the other team drivers who would want to enter the race, can be rented out to another team or drive independently by using the guest car.
  • Each team is registered by its owner or team manager, who can also act as a driver in his own team.
  • A team owner is allowed to own only one team at a time.
  • Each team can create its own skins/textures for their cars, driver helmets, driver suits, etc., by using the provided Photoshop templates in the mod, after which they have to send them to the league management, so the cars can be included in the mod. Teams without their own cars HAVE to use the guest car and cannot use cars of another team!

2. Allowing rookie/novice drivers to join the league

Any newcomer to the league will be watched by the Race Control during test sessions and free practice. No later than before the beginning of Qualifying, the driver will be notified whether they’re deemed sufficiently capable of being allowed to race or not. This judgement will be based on consistency, pace and behavior towards other drivers on the track.

3. Points system and classification

  • The points system used in the league is taken directly from the official Formula 1 championship:
    1st place – 25 points
    2nd place – 18 points
    3rd place – 15 points
    4th place – 12 points
    5th place – 10 points
    6th place – 8 points
    7th place – 6 points
    8th place – 4 points
    9th place – 2 points
    10th place – 1 points
  • Only drivers who have covered 75% of the race distance in relation to the winner (measured in laps) will be eligible to receive points. If the race ends prematurely due to unforeseen situations and the covered race distance is between 49.5/50% and 74.5/75%, only half of the points will be handed out – first place gets 12.5, second – 9, third – 7.5 and so on until tenth place – 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 and 0.5 points.
  • If two or more drivers and/or teams have equal points, the one with more victories will be placed ahead in the championship standings. If the number of victories is equal, the advantage goes to the driver/team with more 2nd places. If the number of 2nd places is equal, the number of 3rd places are compared and so on. Drivers and teams who don’t have any points are classified randomly in the championship standings.
  • A maximum of 2 cars per team are counted towards classification in a race weekend. A test driver is allowed to run in the Free Practice session, but he/she will not be considered to have taken part in the race weekend, and will not be allowed to advance from Qualifying onwards.