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Here you can find information, updates and download links for the mods that the league uses.


The Season 3 F1 2014 mod is now officially released. Below you can find out what’s new in the latest updates, get to know the features of the mod and you can also download the mod at the bottom of the page.


Version 1.5 – 1.53

  1. Added the Sepang track.
  2. Added the Eventa F1 team.
  3. Smoother surface for Sepang.
  4. Correct the color of the Hard compound tyres.
  5. Added the helmet of Andrey Mitrov.
  6. Corrected the disappearing tyres in replays.
  7. Added the missing log folder of RFE.

Version 1.41

  1. Increased the engine speed heat generation, to match the new revs usage.
  2. Increased the fuel consumption to match the new revs usage.
  3. Fixed the low details disappearence of wheel rims.
  4. Updates for the graphics of some teams.
  5. Reduced the RFE visual settings requirements for Special FX and Shadows from Medium to Low.

Version 1.4

  1.  Reduced Load Sensitivity of the tires – this improves the stability of the car in general.
  2. Increased slip angle and slip ratio, which makes the movement of the car smoother when changing direction.
  3. Corrected tire warm up rate, to match the above changes.
  4. Corrected engine curve to better match reality. The optimal way of driving is to maintain up to about 12000 RPM, for which such values are also added to the RPM Limited. Also added are more Final Drive ratios, and 2 more Gear Ratios, to cover the requirements of the modified engine.
  5. The team cars that are ready have been added to the mod.
  6. Updated PDF manual with data of the modified engine.
  7. New default setup, matching the new changes. It is based on a setup for Imola, which you can find in the setups folder (BRL2014S3_Imola_set6b r.svm).
  8. The tires 3D models and textures are switched back to the original RFT mod ones, which should cure most of the FPS and stutter issues that were experienced so far.

Version 1.3

  1. Added 3 different engines to the Upgrades menu, each with a different amount of engine braking torque.
  2. Some fixes to the tyres and other small issues.

Verison 1.2

  1.  Evened out wear of front vs. rear tyres, adjusted in the wear rate of the compounds, slightly changed wear curve for the first 18% of the tyre resource. Look into the updated manual for exact information, in the tyres section.
  2. Lowered torque when changing gears, to get an easier gear change during acceleration and braking in corners, as in real F1.
  3. Slightly increased fuel consumption, because it was too little after the previous updates.
  4. Replaced the specular mapping texture in the TEAM.MAS file, in the Guest Car folder – copy the file in your own team’s folder, replacing the existing one. The change was necessary to remove slightly noticeable left-overs from the Red Bull original skin. Thanks to Ivo Mladenov for the notification.
  5. Added the missing pitlane speed limit penalty in the rFm file.

Version 1.1

  1. Changes to the tyres and engine for more realism.
  2. Added an alternative engine sound, correction to the existing default one.
  3. Updated default setup.

Version 1

  1. First official release.


The aim of the mod is to closely model the new F1 2014 cars, with a 1.6L v6 turbo engine, heavier chassis, strict fuel capacity, decreased downforce levels and so on.

We have decided to make some adjustments to the features of the mod that differ from reality (without sacrificing realism), to improve the quality of racing or to overcome some missing features of rFactor.

* 1.6L v6 Turbo Engine – modelled with the help of some Honda engine data from the previous turbo era in F1, the 80s, the engine in the mod has a typical sudden increase of torque in the upper regions of revs, to emulate the Turbo dynamics that are otherwise not simulated in rFactor. To add the power bonus of the ERS, a 3-setting boost parameter is currently used. We decided against using a tweaked KERS plugin, to avoid the occasional issues that can ruin someone’s race.

* Pirelli Tyres – a lot of work has been focused on making the tyres behave realistically. Although one can never be happy with the final result, I think we have achieved a very believable and realistic behaviour of the tyres. The rears are obviously grippier than the fronts, but they’re still not grippy enough to manage the high torque of the engine on boost 3 setting, so wheelspin is going to happen very often if you’re not careful, especially when we add temperature and wear models. Use of suspension, differential and boost settings is key to managing traction.

* Aerodynamics – just as in real F1, the aerodynamics in our mod are of crucial importance to improving your lap times. Maintaining the correct rake and ride height for the diffuser at different speeds, as well as the balance between front and rear wings, can have a big impact to the handling of the car.

* Suspension – real modern F1 suspension is much more complicated than what rFactor is capable of simulating, which is why we use a suspension geometry that’s slightly different from reality, especially when it comes to anti-dive and anti-squat effects, which are hard to model without access to real chassis data. This doesn’t detract from the feeling of the car though.

* Realistic setup parameter ranges and upgrades options – the aim with the setup is to keep parameters within realistic limits, but to still provide enough room for drivers to customize the handling to their liking. Additionally, we will be adding settings via the upgrades section that are normally missing in F1 mods – wheelbase, track width and ackerman steering. This will help to setup the car better for different type of tracks and to better suit different driving styles, especially when it comes to tyre management.

* Wet weather – modelled via the RFE plugin.

* Graphics and sounds – 3D model based on RFT 2012. To avoid any unfair advantage that different car 3D models may give (since they affect the physics a bit), we’re only going to use a single car from the mod for all teams in the league. As for the sounds, we have combined sounds from several different mods in an attempt to make the engines sound realistic.

* Detailed guide – PDF file that contains useful information about how to get the best out of the F1 car in the mod.


Please download it from the following link and copy the contents of the RAR file to a fresh, clean rFactor installation. Always use launcher.exe to start the game if you want to get the latest updates for the mod.

F1 2014 Mod v1 – Download Link

IMPORTANT: Make sure to backup any custom modifications to the mod files that you have made, such as plugin settings, camera settings, sounds and so on. The updater will overwrite any existing files that have newer versions.

If you have any issues or questions, let us know!